Cypress Log House: A house built of logs

The Cypress Log House

The front bay of the Cypress Log Cabin, featuring, in addition to the cypress siding, cypress shutters, cypress shingles, and a cypress birdhouse. The limestone fireplace chimney is also visible.

by Leah Konicki

Longevity in a Traditional Way

The Cypress Log House was sponsored by the Southern Cypress Manufacturers’ Association of Jacksonville, Florida.

Unlike the other houses included in the exhibit, this house was not built of innovative materials, but was rather intended to show the many uses and longevity of red Cypress. Designed by Murray D. Hetherington of Chicago, the one-story house features an enclosed porch, exposed rafters, and a carved bargeboard. The exterior siding is actually cypress log siding that gives the appearance of solid log construction. The house in all ways resembles a rustic mountain cabin. The cabin’s great room includes a limestone fireplace, which adds to the rustic character of the structure.

The house has been fully restored as part of the partnership between the National Park Service and Indiana Landmarks.

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The side of the Cypress Log Cabin showing decorative bargeboards of cypress, along with the added solarium. This house is also on the bluff, and Lake Michigan is in the distance.